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Karpathos Island

A Greek island with rich culture and traditions!
The villages of Karpathos create two passages that make a tour around the island. Starting with Pigadia, the road goes to Aperi, then nearby to Volada and continues to rise until Othos, then continues to the side of the island’s highest mountain Lasto, passes by Peles and begins to descend to the sea, at the west coast.

The beaches Achata, Kato Lakos, Kyra Panagia and famous Apella so you reach Spoa. As we complete the first part, the road turns left, passes next to the windmills of Spoon and go for Mesochori.

After the village, a cross road drives you to the beaches of Leukou, while the main road goes by the water until Foiniki and Arkasa then ascends to Menetes to arrive at Pigadia, when closing the tour.

But the roads of Karpathos island have some unseen and so charming corners. In the big passage after Aperi at the road to Spoa the landscape calls for a stop at Mertona, the famous spring and Panagia Mertoniatissa of the 12th century.

More over, the detour leading down to Apella, running alongside a hidden monument. Left of the road the tiny church of St. Luke’s (12th century) in the cave is the gift of the centuries.

There are more like these churches on or near the big passage, like St. George, 12th – 13th century, with fascinating fragments of frescoes and Panagia Gialochorafitissa, 14th century, forming the silent past of Leukou.

Near the road linking Arkasa with Menetes is an important Byzantine monument, Saint Mamas church with original architecture and beautiful frescoes. Before Arkasa two beaches were surrounding Palaiokastro, the peninsula that was ancient Arkesia. A whitewashed path climbs to the top of the hill, offering panoramic views to the land and the sea.

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